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Just a pilgrim making his way home.


My pilgrimage began on June 9, 1957. Born of a wonderful English lady and a kind and gentle American serviceman (Air National Guard), I grew up in rural West Virginia. In 1970, I understood that, as a sinner, I needed a Savior. At the invitation of an associate evangelist of The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior. Since then, I've tried to do my best to live a life that honors Him - but my best efforts never get me more than what I have always found in Him - inexhaustible forgiveness and unconditional love.

As the years progressed, I desired to serve Him in a vocational ministry. I attended a Bible college in Maryland and a theological seminary in Dallas, Texas with a heart that desired to serve in a church setting being nothing more than a "Barnabas" to a "Paul". I never got that chance - but I have traveled on with one simple goal. To do my best for my Savior.

I have lived a single life. I have always wanted to be in a position to go anywhere at anytime to help anyone with anything as unto God. In this life choice, I have often found lonely times - but even in my loneliest times I have found that all along my journey I have a constant Companion. Even though at times I may feel lonely, I am never alone...

Along the way I have met some some amazing and wonderful people. I have a beautiful sister who is wise and talented and is spending her life serving as a mother and as a nurse, teaching a new generation of nurses. I have a niece who is kind and creative and will someday inspire the next generation of kind and creative hearts with her teaching skills. I have a nephew who can beat the pants off any computer game no matter what generation it may be!

As for me? Read Psalm 73:25-28


HI! Welcome to my blog! Here's some general information about me: Born in 1957, to Bruce and Alice. Born again on the final night of a Lane Adams (Billy Graham Associate Evangelist) crusade (1970). Loving the Lord, worshipping His goodness, holiness, and glory, and studying His Word. § Brother to a wonderful sister, Rosemary, and uncle to an exceptional niece and nephew, Emily and Joshua. § Educated at Musselman High School, Washington Bible College (1976-1980), and Dallas Theological Seminary (1984-1989). § One time teacher, fulfillment call center supervisor, returns manager, credit card customer service agent, self-taught technical writer. § Among other things — dog lover, book reader, garden tinkerer, recipe experimenter, Disney enthusiast, moving image devotee, internet explorer, road-trip adventurer. §