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Ah... I remember my first bonafide spoiler.

A woman was talking at work about her experience at the movies. She apparently hasn't been to the movies for years and started talking about her experience by moaning about the fact that "...they show commercials now!"

Oh my golly gosh!!

And there was need to ask what she had gone to see. She was more than happy to tell everyone within earshot -- which as loud as she talks was from here to New York City. So whether you liked it or not, you were going to have to listen to her review of "Star Trek: Into Darkness".


Well, Mrs. Blabby Flappygums proceeded to state, "Oh there will be another one, and that one will be really good. Khan will be back..."

And in a second, ruined were whatever surprises the movie might have held for people who had not yet seen the film. No need for plot. No need for Blabbercharacter exposition or overall thoughts about the look and feel of the movie. No, now that the big reveal had been exposed by Mrs. Blabby Flappygums, the secrets and the specialness of the movie were gone.

Yeah, I can say I saved myself $15.00 and be happy, I guess. But people who do this really should be lined up and whipped with dry noodles.

They just don't get it. They just don't understand that there are other people in the world who like to enjoy a good movie without being told the ending. They don't realize that there are people who like to be dazzled and amazed at both a visual feast as well as a mental workout from a good story told with outstanding pictures. No, they only see the world from their perspective and rarely - if ever - understand things from the viewpoints of others.

They don't understand that coming into an office and saying something like "Oh, did you know that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father?" the day AFTER the film has been released is grounds for an old-fashioned firing squad. They are clueless when they chat about "Dead Poet's Society" and say something like "It was soooooo sad when the kid killed himself."  I can still remember the hunts that occurred after people revealed the death of Dumbledore at the end of one of the Harry Potter novels.


I tried liking Mrs. Blabby Flappygums when she first appeared in the office. She seemed a bit air-brained when I first met her, but I chalked it up to new job and being overwhelmed at what was being thrown at her. She had that deer in the headlights look that new workers get sometimes when their head has been filled with tons of information and their brain needle indicates they are FULL.

But I've since realized Mrs. Blabby Flappygums doesn't seem to have a very large brainpan. And with a pea-sized organ bouncing around in the cavity between her shoulders, it doesn't take much to fill it up. And then like a toilet that's suffering from a blocked pipe, it's overflow city. And usually what comes bubbling out of the top is pure drivel.  (I know; cruel words - but hey, Spoiler Bots deserve a tongue lashing for their insensitivity.

And now add to that drivel a dash of "spoiler" and you have one very disappointing person.

I wish there was a way to record people spoiling stuff for others when they talk and play it back for them when it is most embarrassing to do so...like scolding a dog when it's peed on the kitchen floor to teach them not to do what they've just done.

Hopefully they would learn from the embarrassment... but I kind of doubt it.


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